oscon2006-2006.07.26_09-55-14.mp4	Here we are at the Oregon Convention Center w/Schwern
oscon2006-2006.07.26_09-56-19.mp4	OSCON Open Source Convention Exhibit Hall July 26-27
oscon2006-2006.07.26_09-59-08.mp4	A glimpse of Arjen Lenz and the title slide for AJAX Optimizations
oscon2006-2006.07.26_10-28-06.mp4	AJAX Optimizations - Kevin Henrikson of Zimbra
oscon2006-2006.07.26_11-17-10.mp4	陶敏修, Schwern, Uri, DHA, Julian
oscon2006-2006.07.26_11-22-52.mp4	rehearsal of an impromptu skit
oscon2006-2006.07.26_12-24-27.mp4	further rehersal of an impromptu skit
oscon2006-2006.07.26_12-37-44.mp4	Shadow puppetry of the highest caliber
oscon2006-2006.07.26_12-40-59.mp4	Nothing but Ingy döt Net
oscon2006-2006.07.26_12-45-06.mp4	Ingy JavaScript, JSON, YAML, etc.
oscon2006-2006.07.26_13-32-08.mp4	Audrey Tang - Jifty (Part I)
oscon2006-2006.07.26_13-48-05.mp4	Audrey Tang - Jifty (Part II)
oscon2006-2006.07.26_14-28-59.mp4	Free Software Foundation
oscon2006-2006.07.26_15-11-19.mp4	DHA - short play in five unnatural acts (with Kirsten Hunter!  And Tim Bunce!  And Casey West!)
oscon2006-2006.07.26_15-21-59.mp4	陶敏修 starts lightning talks - Audrey Tang - where is next OSCON?
oscon2006-2006.07.26_15-44-43.mp4	Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer - Perl::Critic (5:22)
oscon2006-2006.07.26_15-50-40.mp4	Update on Lightning talk from last year - Mail as pull instead of push (5:17)
oscon2006-2006.07.26_15-57-25.mp4	XGawk - XML (GNU) AWK (2:25)
oscon2006-2006.07.26_16-07-40.mp4	Pudge sets up but then the tape fails (1:29)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_07-42-45.mp4	Allison Randal - sponsored by & Keynote (57:02)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_08-39-51.mp4	Allison says turn off your cell phone - introduces Stephen O'Grady (1:24)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_08-42-20.mp4	Stephen O'Grady keynote (32:24)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_09-38-17.mp4	Mason & AJAX (24:54)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_10-03-46.mp4	More Mason stuff (22:02)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_10-36-13.mp4	(32m 56s)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_10-50-12.mp4	(11m 28s)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_12-35-15.mp4	Larry! mic check (27s)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_12-35-47.mp4	more shadow puppets! (21s)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_12-37-48.mp4	Larry & Damian (43m 22s)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_13-32-03.mp4	Perl6 compiler overview (38:47)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_15-20-39.mp4	set-up for Parrot Evolution (28s)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_15-22-57.mp4	Parrot Evolution (37:37)
oscon2006-2006.07.27_16-15-37.mp4	Damian Conway - Conway Channel (now in color and in 3D) List::Maker and Contextual::Return (50:22)
oscon2006-2006.07.28_12-01-53.mp4	walking around (14:55)
soto2006-2006.07.25_18-02-33.mp4	2006 State of the Onion